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Hi, I'm Scott. I was active on a Mastodon instance a while back, but then dropped off for a little while. I know what my timing looks like, but I'm not a Tweetsy refugee or whatever. I haven't had an account there in ages.

Anyway, I like motorbikes and ride a G650GS, old computers (C64 and PiDP-11/70), Plan 9, the tuba (that's mine in the profile pic), and film photography (Pentax MX and pile of lenses).

Hey everybody ... iconify your 32 different chat applications and reminisce with me for a moment.

Remember that very brief window in the mid 2000s when you could use your private #XMPP server to #chat with almost everyone you knew, including on many of the popular commercial platforms?

How far we have fallen.

I wanted a better image than RF on a 25 year old TV, so I got a 5-pin-to-composite cable from SouthTek and an RCA-to-VGA adapter. Actually, I got 3 RCA-VGA adapters and the first two were junk. Finally ponied up for the real thing. Now I can hook the 64C up to a nice VGA monitor for a really clean image. Messy desk for scale.

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My friend @spacehobo saw our PDP-12 wallpaper in the background of one of our videos and wanted a downloadable one, so here's two of them in 1080p. His interest has inspired me to make higher-res versions available in multiple DEC liveries. We also have a special PDP-12 version based on the nameplate at the top of our machine, but it's not ready for the limelight. Enjoy, and stay tuned!

#umdpdp12 #pdp #dec #retrocomputing #vintagecomputing #wallpaper #pdp12

My Life Alert bracelet says “avenge me.”

One of the things I hate about the Fediverse: The “I have an opinion and if you don’t 100% agree with it I will block you” attitude. You know what? Here’s an idea: If you don’t want to discuss, don’t even post to begin with. The entire idea behind this place is to discuss, not to shout into the void.

Officially down more than 5 pounds since the 1st. Had a couple days of not much loss, but so far every day I've been a little bit lighter than the day before.

Tired: This meeting could have been an email
Wired: This video tutorial could have been text

The problem with eating like this, is that there's no bread to soak up the yolks.

How many CRTs do you have in your home? Boost for science.


[Edit: Ok I think this has probably reached far enough for now, thanks for all the boosts everyone :) ]

I don't suppose anyone who follows me here randomly happens to know some stuff about how ARM platform config stuff is represented on both (rare) ACPI and (more common) FDT systems?

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