So in addition to my tech blog, I’ve also maintained a Christian blog for years though I’ve neglected it lately. The theme of the site is “Answering the Post-Christian World”. Finally sat down this morning and penned a response to the pandemic amnesty article from the Atlantic from a few weeks back of anyone is interested.

Well I just wandered off the reservation to the federated feed for the first time in years. It wasn't the worst thing ever. It was actually pretty cool until I stumbled upon the blue bird refugees. I think I'll just stick around these parts...

Ah, it's been a minute since I checked here. Glad to see the activity is on the rise!

For any of you that have a Mac and are interested in a good time waster, OpenEmu -- the best emulation app I've ever used on any platform -- has a Homebrew section with a bunch of fun titles including an Atari 2600 de-make of Halo: Combat Evolved.

@randrews Ahoy. Haven't tried out Mastodon in several years. Thanks for setting this up!


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