This was a massive conceptual leap - now you could get a loom to weave different patterns, at speed, by swapping in new instructions on different sets of punched cards. This 1839 silk portrait of Jacquard was woven using 24,000 cards. Arguably it’s the very first digitised image.

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I have never really liked discussing whether you have something to hide, as an argument for or against security or privacy. First, it's irrelevant - everyone has these rights no matter what. But also, once you start talking about "hiding", you have already lost the discussion - because it's a word that is associated with negative connotations.

I think we should change the discourse. I don't have anything to hide. But I do have many things to protect. I have the right to protect my privacy. I have the right to protect my communication. I have the right to protect my work. I have the right to protect my friends and family.

#SomethingToProtect #Privacy

this is a screenshot of a text-only page from the official typescript documentation* proudly displaying that it takes more than an entire second to load. again: text only. some very highly paid engineers worked on this, creating tools for thousands of others. all those wasted cpu cycles…


I have really mixed feelings about this.
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Close up of the moment of the explosion of the Chinese balloon off-shore Myrtle Beach SC

i think some computers geeks could open up entirely new horizons of nerdhood if they got into music production. it gets so incredibly technical, can take decades to master, often doesn't make you any money, and frequently, nobody cares if you made something cool. sound familiar yet?

@prachisrivas @ZachWeinersmith
Thy Verse created like thy theme sublime
In Number, Weight, and Measure, needs not Rhime.
Andrew Marvell

this kind of smart, walkable, mixed-use urbanism Is illegal to build in many american cities

Videos like this are, to me at least, one of the best parts of YouTube.

No music, no yapping voice over, no shocked-face thumbnail, not even a single mention of VPNs...just an incredible machine, doing what it does best, in 4K.

Of course, I know the service couldn't support itself if they were all like this. But I can dream.

It is two thousand and goddamn twenty three and I've just spent over an hour trying to center something in CSS.

I maintain that everyone in IT needs to know this •one• Yiddish word and use it often.

Farpotshket: Broken, because someone tried to fix it.

#PSA #WordOfTheDay #X

I'm surprised this does not seem to exist as a product: a shunt jumper with a push button...

Friend went to do something in my cabinet recently, and when the new individual manning the front desk asked for my customer number, friend gave it and it came up with "Invalid Network" and the front desk individual had a small freak out, before they realized it was fine.

Yeah, naming my company Invalid Network was totes the right call 🙂

The lesser known NeXT Console ran a 50Mhz 68030 with Motorola DSP and 2.88MB floppy, and came with 8MB RAM & a 105MB HD. It was the first home console with a built-in hard drive and Ethernet networking. Thanks to @adafruit for allowing me guardianship over this beautiful example.

I feel like if you put the FCKGW- key into Windows 11, it should like, play the airhorn noise and rotate the screen or something

Ugh. I find someone who seems to be cool and worth following, writing about tech things, and their profile says "gun enthusiasts please do not follow / interact." Nothing else political on there, just a random middle finger.

Is this really how this has to be? We're now just two sides with no common ground because we disagree about something?

I really despair for humanity when I see people like that.

Gaming is the only hobby where a phrase like "miniature giant robot" isn't a contradiction.

Normalize using the word "Safe" as the opposite of "Smart" in the context ot #IoT / home appliances.

"I got myself a nice new Safe TV." 👍


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