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Hallo aus Deutschland! Spending the next week in Germany visiting family, it’s just as cold as I remember

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Today is a proud moment. We managed to become a Silver Sponsor of the #OpenBSD Foundation. This could not have been possible with the support from our users and #OpenBSD developers. @mlarkin dv@ martijn@.


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The #OpenBSD Foundation is currently at ~$120,000 (40%) raised of the $300,000 goal for their 2022 Fundraising Campaign, and it's already almost December. 🐡

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Remember: if you get Wikipedia "pls give us money" begging, give to the Internet Archive instead.

The internet archive is perpetually underfunded, whereas Wikipedia has enough cash on hand to continue operating at twice its capacity for about 3 decades.

Editors strongly opposed the wording of the recent beg banner:

There is no republic. There are no political parties. The Current Thing you’re upset about is not real.

Every time you get mad about some stupid social issue, the oligarchs laugh at you from their thrones.

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You've heard of "I don't want your fucking app."

Now get ready for "I don't want to join your fucking Discord server just to get basic information that should be on a proper website instead of hidden away in the archives of a fucking chatroom."

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You are all amazing! This month was insane.

28 new VMs were added and 48 VMs were renewed.

We donated €1000 to the #OpenBSD Foundation, €25010 since we started.

Thank you, our users, and OpenBSD developers for an awesome OS!

Stay safe & healthy!

#RUNBSD in 2022

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Distrocheck time! Tell us your distro and Window Manager or Desktop Environment! A screenshot would be nice too, if you don't mind. ;)

I'll go first: I'm currently daily driving Sway WM on NixOS. Screenshot provided below.

Boosts welcome!

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"The Internet" (aka the stupid sheep of the world like Reddit, Youtube, and most of the Fediverse) hate Elon Musk... so he must be doing something right!

If anything, his twitter page is a source of never ending comedy

So I've given modern a fair shot, I think. I've been using it as my daily driver for several months and I just can't get behind it. At least the fancy arm64 hardware is pretty rad.

Oh well, guess I have to wipe it and install . How horrible for me :D

So far my favorite part of being on Mastodon is discovering that certain people in tech I though I admired are actually complete morons. Super fun!

Ah good ol' Mastodon. I set up this account, click Federated, then spend the next 15 minutes blocking domains and muting all the insane weirdos instead of finding the interesting stuff 🤷

I pressed the toot button so now I am tooting… toot toot!


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