Things that will get you muted instantly:

- A furry profile picture
- celebrating CDC declarations
- Being mad about partisan politics of any side
- Trusting your government
- Sexual pervert flags in your bio or name

It’s not that I disagree with you, it’s that you’re a waste of oxygen

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@fputs My policy: if you talk about tech stuff I think is interesting, or tell jokes I like, I'll follow you. If you talk about political stuff I think is obnoxious, I'll filter you out. Goes for both sides, although my tolerance is higher for my own side.

No one's owed my reading their stuff.

@fputs Case in point, this site:

I would probably disagree with these two about everything, in real life, but their project is super interesting and so I've read a bunch of their stuff, and am about to follow them both here, because they mostly seem to post about that interesting stuff.

@fputs Hi, cool list. I respect that. For me, some more red flags are:
- weird non-conforming pronouns in their profile's bio
- abusing #fediblock for harassment, slander and using it like a modern pillory/witch-hunt
- condoning child-abuse (pedophilia)
- calling people fancy/slurry names like Nazi, *phobe, sexist et cetera to make them feel good and us feel bad (rampant narcissism)

@roland i like those as well. My angerpost was born out of some federated servers that I visited for tech reasons and was bombarded with nasty content

@fputs I feel your pain, too. I currently earn a shit storm because of being "transphobic". The virtual mob is raging against me:… - I'm recoining the phrase #heterophobia here, that misunderstanding why straight people feel love to only a certain sex and not others, too. I said it clearly that I do not hate #trans people or anyone from the ABC mafia. I'm just not romantically or sexually interested and attracted to them.

"Live and let live." I don't care what they DO and they shouldn't care what I THINK they do. We are cool. Just as long as nobody tries to force a rainbow up my ass.

@roland Yeah the hilarity of it all is that I did t say “kill all the $PEOPLE”, just that I have standards and people who don’t meet them get muted immediately. Apparently that means I’m terrified of them, when in reality I don’t give a crap

@fputs Let me say it clearly: I'm disgusted by guy-on-guy (gay) sex. But that doesn't mean that I hate these people. I'm disgusted by an action, not a person. And this does also not mean that there is anything wrong with it, right?
@fputs For me, this, but also:
- any sininity and or inanity;
- images of food or pet animals;
- emoji usage;
- single-word/-sentence posts;
- python/js anything;
- any ideology, including religion;
- happiness;
@fputs Oh my goodness, kids given admin/mod power: They cry that I banned them back (because #Friendica always publishes server blocklist) and think that I'm now crying about being banned ... LOL, hypocrites they are.
@fputs Do you know the #youtube channel #OdinsMen ? I can recommend watching it and you keep seeing more of these #woke lunatics:…

Also this about #heterophobic :
Drawk Kwast - Heterophobic

Edit: Some people cried about that a swastika was being put on the rainbow flag. They don't get it that this is not about the author or me, but how some radical #LGBTQ+ people act.
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