The problem with gun grabbers and their flailing after a shooting is that they fail to understand the underlying problems: lack of mental health care access, American culture that stigmatizes mentally unwell people, and the news making the shooter a celebrity for days on end.

At the end of the day, government must fear it’s people. Guns are a primary measure of that.

Don’t like it? Too bad. The 2nd amendment says you can get fucked while I continue to collect firearms and hobby shoot.

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@fputs Also that it's not a desire to commit murder, it's a desire to commit suicide. Our society creates people who want to kill themselves in the most destructive way possible, and take innocents with them. Let's fix that.

@fputs Also I'm sick of hearing "enough 'thoughts & prayers,' why won't we ever do something?"

You don't want to do "something," you want to do one particular thing, which has been proven not to work, has horrible side effects, and punishes people who have done nothing wrong. We're not going to allow you to do that, ever. Come up with a different thing to do and we'll talk.

@randrews exactly. By all means, present a new solution to the problem. Gun grabbing isn’t it

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